Your Event

For the event planner looking for to provide your guests great musical entertainment, we’d love to have you contact us!

When you book Tom’s Kitchen Table, the Tom’s Kitchen Table Trio, or the TKT duo, you’ll entertain your guests with live musical performance, tailored to your event and venue. We’ve enjoyed playing at venues including community events, weddings, picnics, outdoor events, dinner events, fundraisers, and barn dances!

Ideal for small to mid-sized venues, the TKT Duo brings a variety of music from country to pop, 50’s and 60’s to present, performed with vocals, acoustic guitar, and the warm sounds of an upright bass. From subtle acoustic background to room-filling sound, we’ve got you covered.

For events that need a little more kick, the full Tom’s Kitchen Table band offers guests the bigger sound of electric guitar, drums, and even the occasional banjo. The Table is great for mid-sized to larger event venues.

No matter which size band you choose, we will work with you to create the right musical atmosphere to enhance your event, without overpowering the conversations and moments that friends and family bring together.

What’s In the Box?

Our team arrives at your event well ahead of time, complete with everything we need. Show us where to set up and power up, and we’re good to go. Our go-kits include all of the necessary sound equipment, mics, stands, and cords.

While we’re typically jeans-and-a-button-up-shirt kind of guys, we clean up pretty nicely, too. Jackets and ties more appropriate? We’re happy to oblige.

Planning Your Music

We enjoy playing a wide range of music from several genres and eras. Special requests are always a fun way for us to connect with the audience and have a great time. If you have in mind special songs for the special moments in your event, be sure to get us your list as early in the planning process as possible to ensure we can meet your request – as hard as it is to believe, Michael doesn’t know every song off the top of his head.

Emcee Arrangements

We’re glad to emcee your event. Let us know your needs as we plan so we can be sure to get the details just right for your guests. We also don’t mind sharing the mic with your emcee if you already have someone in mind.